School for Special Needs Children, Jocotopec, Jalisco, Mexico

Located on Privada Gonzalez Ortega,
Jocotopec, Jalisco, Mexico

Purpose: To provide professional education of deaf children, to teach them sign language, how to read, do sculpture, carpentry and arts. The organization provides all types of hearing devices and everything related to the enhancement of their hearing defect. Some of the students are hearing impaired, and others suffer from Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, quadriplegia, paraplegia, autism and visual impairment. The school in Jocotopec presently serves over 100 children.

The official registered name for our organization is Escuela para Sordos de Jocotepec, A.C. We are an all-volunteer, government-registered, not-for-profit charitable organization serving the Lake Chapala area in Mexico. We are audited annually by the state of Jalisco's directorate of charities (IJAS).

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